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How to drop a pin on Google Maps from your desktop or mobile app

pin on Google
You can drop a pin in Google Maps and then save that location or navigate to it.
Dropping a pin is convenient if you don’t know the address you’re at, don’t want to look up the exact address, or if a specific location has no address.
Dropping a pin on the map is as simple as clicking (on a computer) or tapping (on a phone).

pin on Google Maps has created it really easy to navigate that it’s become an important tool for obtaining around city (and has been divertingly name checked in pop culture).

Finding nearly associatey address is as easy as writing it into the search box, however there are times once that won’t quite work.

If the situation you’re attempting to travel to doesn’t have an address or the address is wrong, you would possibly wish to drop a pin on the map instead. Likewise, if you don’t grasp the precise address, it would be fine to merely drop a pin within the general vicinity.

That’ a simple process on each a personal computer and your mobile device.

Drop a pin on your iPhone or robot phone
the method for dropping a pin on the Google Maps mobile app is that the same regardless of that phone you use.

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. notice the situation on the map wherever you would like to drop the pin, and centre as way as you wish to examine it clearly.
  3. faucet and hold the spot wherever you would like to drop a pin till you see the pin seem underneath your finger.

currently ready to} use the pin. For example, you can faucet “Directions” to urge directions from your current location to the born pin.

If you prefer, you can save this pin for later. to try to to that, tap “Label” from the oval choices on the pin and provides it a name. Afterwards, you’ll continually be able to notice it in Your Places. (Note that the robot and iPhone versions of Google Maps work slightly differently. Both apps allow you to save associated label born pins, however to examine the Label button on Android, faucet the data box at very cheap of the screen to see all of your options.)


Drop a pin on your desktop

  1. Open Google Maps on your computer.
  2. Zoom and pan round the map till you discover the situation you would like to drop the pin.
  3. Click the spot wherever you want to drop the pin. you must see alittle gray pin seem and an info box can appear at the bottom of the screen.

currently it’ time to use the pin. If you click the blue Navigate icon within the data box, Google Maps can open the navigation page. you’ll be able to enter the beginning location and find driving directions. Alternately, you can click anyplace else in the info box to examine a pane seem with a lot of information regarding the situation you selected. From here, you can click the Save icon to feature this location to Your Places, therefore you can quickly navigate to that in the future.

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bear in mind that you simply can solely drop one pin at a time in Google Maps; if you click or faucet a second time, the new pin replaces the previous one. And so as to avoid wasting a born pin to Your Places, you wish to be signed in to your Google account.

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