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Samsung reveals first OLED gaming monitor: Release window, specs, and more 

Samsung has unveiled OLED gaming monitor latest lineup within the G series, known as the Odyssey OLED G8. The new panel can introduce the Samsung vice Hub, a TV-only feature. This service permits users to stream their video games while not requiring a computer or a console to run the streaming software. Thus, players will go away with simply a monitor for his or her gaming setup.

Samsung is thought for a few of the highest-quality gaming panels on the market, and also the company’ G series monitors are among the most effective choices for gamers. With OLED G8, the South Korea-based technical school big is anticipated to create ripples within the world of vice monitors.

The 34″ OLED gaming monitor G8 may be a 1440p ultrawide panel with a resolution of 3440×1440. it’s a most refresh rate of up to a hundred seventy five cycle and is a incurved monitor. However, the curvature is 1000R, that is way not up to seen in a number of the highest-end monitors of this kind on the market.

This product comes equipped with AMD’ Freesync Premium software system to assist scale back screen-tear problems in fast games. this may help in smoothing out the output of the GPU. The OLED G8 conjointly packs a twin 5W stereo speaker and offers a height-and-tilt adjustable stand out of the box.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor includes a USB-C video delivery port, a mini DisplayPort 1.4, and a small HDMI 2.1 port. The OLED gaming monitor G8 relies on an ultra-slim design. As a incurved monitor, it opts for mini and micro adapters to chop into the important estate occupied by full-sized video connectors.

The OLED G8 has a bunch of options that build it quite simply a vice panel. Its constitutional Samsung vice Hub app can enable users to stream video games from services like Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Nvidia Geforce Now. Additionally, users may watch TV shows via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services. aboard these features, the OLED G8 can also be accustomed management Samsung IoT devices through the SmartThings app.

The monitor also has the Core Lighting and lighting system introduced in earlier G series monitors. This software system is used to customise the RGB LEDs on the rear of the monitor. Doing so can end in the wall behind being splashed with colours displayed on the screen.

The 34″ OLED gaming monitor G8 doesn’t have a political candidate unleash date yet. throughout the reveal event, it absolutely was declared that the panel are “available globally from this fall 2022.” Thus, additional details on the monitor ought to be discovered soon.

OLED G8 is stepping up to the primary entry in Samsung’ 2023 vice monitor lineup.

Exploring the Samsung Odyssey G85SB: OLED gaming monitor Key Specifications Unveiled

In terms of specifications, a wealth of details has surfaced about the OLED gaming monitor Samsung Odyssey G85SB gaming monitor. According to Samsung’s provided information, the G85SB boasts a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440p, an 1800R curvature for immersive visuals, an impressive 0.1ms response time for swift performance, and a native 175Hz refresh rate for smooth and responsive gaming experiences.

In addition, the Odyssey OLED G8 will incorporate Samsung’s top-of-the-line Neo Quantum Processor, ensuring exceptional image processing capabilities. Samsung emphasizes that this marks the introduction of the swiftest Odyssey display to date.

Adding to its allure, the 21:9 ultrawide OLED gaming monitor will showcase a remarkable ultra-slim profile, measuring a mere 5.9mm in certain areas, as highlighted by Samsung. This sleek design is made possible by the innovative QD-OLED panel technology at the core of the monitor, eliminating the necessity for a conventional CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) backlight.

Let’s not overlook the noteworthy Smart TV platform and Gaming Hub functionalities incorporated into the Samsung monitor. With the OLED gaming monitor G8 OLED monitor, you can seamlessly enjoy your preferred streaming content from popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube directly, courtesy of the built-in capabilities. Furthermore, users have convenient access to Samsung TV Plus content. On the gaming front, Samsung’s Gaming Hub opens up a world of possibilities, offering access to a range of gaming applications, including Xbox, Google Stadia, Utomik, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna (available in the US).

In recognition of its groundbreaking technology, the Samsung Odyssey G85SB secured a prestigious CES innovation award during CES 2022, earning the distinction of being hailed as the “world’s first QD-OLED panel.” The official CES Innovation Award page lauded the G85SB QD-OLED monitor, acknowledging its exceptional contributions to the realm of display technology.

Introducing the cutting-edge OLED gaming monitor Samsung Odyssey G85SB 34” Gaming Monitor, set to redefine gaming experiences as the world’s pioneer in Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) technology. Merging the best attributes of QLED and OLED screens, this ultra-slim monitor promises a unique visual feast. Boasting a remarkable 175Hz refresh rate and an impressive 0.1ms response time, the OLED gaming monitor Odyssey G85SB is engineered to empower gamers with a competitive edge. The 1800R curvature delivers an immersive gaming adventure on the ultra-wide quad high definition (UWQHD) display, characterized by vibrant colors. Notably, it claims the title of the world’s slimmest gaming monitor, measuring a mere 5.9mm in thickness, ensuring seamless integration into any gaming setup. Beyond its sleek design, the Odyssey G85SB comes equipped with intelligent features tailored to enhance gaming, entertainment, and productivity.

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