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5 Best Grenade Positions on Dust 2 Map

Dust 2 Map: Since the release of CS: GO in 2012, it’s been advanced and delicate right into a ultra-modern recreation that maintains the middle mechanics intact.

Best Grenade Spot Dust 2 1

While the middle mechanics of CS:GO are primarily based totally on accuracy and figuring out while and in which to hearthplace at the map, certainly considered one among the most important drivers of this mechanic is the grenades utilized in the sport.

Dust 2 is Dust, the very famous Counter-Strike map. Although Counter-Strike 1.6 continues to be a piece in progress, Dust 2 changed into created as a greater delicate and stepped forward model of its predecessor. It has fast come to be the maximum famous map at the net and stays one of the maximum performed maps amongst FPS enthusiasts across the world.

What are the top spots to throw grenades in CS: GO map Dust 2?

Since the 2017 revamp of Dirt 2, the variety of a number of the maximum famous grenades in the sport has changed. In this article, we propose the 5 first-class grenade places at the Dirt 2 map in CS: GO. If the grenades are timed correctly, you could win greater battles and take out greater enemies in those 5 places on Dust 2 Map.

5. Towards A Long

dust 2 smoke 0 part 3 1

As of T (Terrorist) Spawn, the course from the archway main to the Terrorist to the A web website online is known as A Long. Novice or newbie gamers have a tendency to hurry into their positions with out the use of a grenade. But on the better and expert level, dry could simplest get the last punishment.

Therefore, so one can thoroughly see the anti-terrorist belongings of A Long, the terrorist have to first begin flashing at the same time as strolling from T Spawn to A Long. Not simplest does this permit enemies to blink, however it additionally prevents your teammates from blinking, bearing in mind a clean transition to Aaron Dust 2 Map.

4. Smoking off CT cross

Even if the terrorists take manipulate of Aaron, they nevertheless must undergo the CT (Counter-Strike) Spawn to get into A. Although he can simplest run lengthy distances, he’s extraordinarily dangerous. Anyone with a CT test receives a extensive angle, which captures every person passing with the aid of using.

So, to hold the purpose safe, the participant actually stands subsequent to the cannon and shoots smoke, as proven withinside the video.

3. New Car molly

Since the Dust revamp in CS:GO, the brand new parking zone has been exploited with the aid of using gamers because it presents hidden cowl for A Long gamers on Dust 2 Map.

So clearing this region is one of the maximum essential activities earlier than trapping or shooting bomb factor A. It may be effortlessly cleared with the aid of using putting an incendiary or incendiary bomb from A Long.

If a CS:GO participant stands on pinnacle of a protracted barrel and throws Molotov cocktails, coated up as proven withinside the photograph below, he can effortlessly unfold hearthplace to the vehicle`s new region and knock out hidden gamers. Players actually stroll in and throw molotov cocktails and allow it paintings its magic.

dust 2 smoke 0 part 3 2

2. T Spawn to A Short smoke

In order for gamers to by skip the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO, they have to first smoke at the sidewalk in order that fighters do now no longer scent the participant’s crash. To do this, the participant have to first stand withinside the role proven withinside the photograph below.

5.De Dust2 CSGO

CS:GO gamers have to then installation the reticle and leap as proven to efficiently soak up the enemy’s vision.

1. Mid to B smoke

If a CS:GO participant desires to visit the B bomb factor below the overhang, there’ll continually be a participant prepared to counter them with B bullets and CT Spawn. In order to cast off the opportunity of being hit with the aid of using CT Spawn, the participant have to first leap onto the platform after which onto the chest.

Mid to B smoke

CS: GO gamers have to then area their purpose strains at this particular region. Once
is installation, all CS:GO gamers must do is leap and throw smoke bombs. This will absolutely cast off the Counter-Strike that inhabits the CT Spawn, forcing them to pop out of the shadows and take out the terrorists.

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