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What should you check when comparing accident lawyers in Georgia?

Whether it is a slip & fall mishap or a road accident on the roads of Georgia, you should consider all legal options for recovering a settlement. Personal injury laws are complicated, and for most situations, you have two years to file a civil lawsuit in the state. However, the immediate aftermath is critical, and the sooner you collect evidence, the stronger your case will be. Working with top lawyers from firms like can be a huge advantage. If you are wondering what it takes to compare accident lawyers, here are some pointers.

Check their range

What are the usual injury cases that an attorney takes up in their practice? That is probably the most critical question to ask. Do they just deal with auto accident claims? Are they well-versed with cases related to premise liability or product-related injuries? Many firms have a panel of attorneys who have collective experience of working on different types of injury cases.

Recent achievements

What has an injury lawyer achieved in the last couple of years? What are some of their biggest settlements? As a client, you have to look at the dollar value of settlements that their clients have received in recent times. You will have a fair idea of the overall complexity and capability of the attorney.

Rating on the internet

People often post comments and reviews and give ratings to accident lawyers, and these details can be handy beyond usual references. Ideally, look for independent sources, such as Google and social media sites. You should find answers to why an attorney is famous or why some people are commenting about certain negative aspects.

Trial experience

A significant number of accident lawsuits and claims in Georgia are settled through mediation and negotiation. If the insurance offer is fair, one may not need to file a separate lawsuit. However, not all injury claims are the same, and you have to find an attorney who wouldn’t mind going the extra mile. A lawyer with trial experience is always better than someone with little to no exposure to court proceedings.

Approach & attitude

If you find an attorney who has the time to evaluate your case and is proactive about answering your questions and educating you about Georgia laws, you should consider them. Accident lawyers often need to be aggressive, but they must also specialize in negotiation. Also, check whether you like their communication style.

Check online to find a top list of accident lawyers in Georgia.

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