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Garden Plants for Novice Gardeners that are Low-Maintenance

There are plenty of low care houseplants that come to the rescue when you want to add some greenery to your home if you don’t have a natural green thumb. Don’t be misled by their fragile appearance; they’re tougher than you might expect, and some can even survive abuse.

Order plants online for home, whether you are a gardener or not, has a way of freshening up your environment. Aside from being attractive and improving the appearance of your home, there is something about plants that makes us feel at rest. It’s easy to see why so many people want lush green leaves in their homes and offices. Fortunately, various types of houseplants can brighten up your space while requiring little maintenance. While taking the effort to care for a plant may be quite rewarding, we understand how easy it is to forget to provide your plant with the attention it requires. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top indoor plants that don’t require much care.


Mint does not have to be grown; it only has to be contained. Plant it in a corner or in containers because the hardy herb has a tendency to spread. Mints should be purchased as seedlings and planted as soon as the weather warms up. Mint thrives in the shadow and on rich soil, but it will take over the neighbourhood in any situation. Plant the seedlings about a foot apart and water them regularly. Mint oil is a natural repellent for deer and rodents. Ice tea, ice cream, and after-dinner refreshment are just a few of the uses for homegrown mint.


Nasturtiums are ideal for the gardener who is unable to tend to their plants. They don’t need to be fertilised. They merely require planting and watering. Nasturtiums are effective at luring pests away from other plants. They’re fantastic in salads and vinaigrettes. The seeds can be used in place of pepper.

Garlic is one of the most straightforward plants to cultivate. It’s nearly self-sustaining! With a little attention to the soil and water, the cloves generate larger bulbs. Smaller cloves result from less attention. The smaller cloves, on the other hand, have a greater flavour. Planting the peeled cloves in the fall ensures a big spring or summer yield.

Beans (green)

Green beans are not only a popular meal staple, but they’re also simple to cultivate! This plant obtains nitrogen from the air to feed itself. It also fertilises your garden as a bonus. As a replacement crop, quick growers are ideal. They can be enjoyed all summer long if gathered gently. Green beans are available in a variety of colours, including traditional green, purple, and yellow.


One of the best available indoor plants online is Peas. Because they can be planted before, during, or after the frost, they’re ideal for impatient gardeners. Peas that are planted early thrive well in broad light, but prefer the shade. To avoid fungus problems, they should be given something to crawl on. Pea shoots are delicious, but kids prefer peas straight from the pod!


Cilantro is a fast-growing plant that might be difficult to keep up with. For consistent harvests, cilantro plantings should be staggered. Cilantro should be grown in direct sunlight. Cilantro is a popular ingredient in salsa and salads, and it goes well with practically every meal.


Chives are a delicious addition to salads and eggs, and they can also be used to replace onions. They should be planted in the sun or in a shady place once the frost has passed. The stalks should be clipped 2 inches from the stalk for continuing growth.

Mustard leaves

Everyone adores mustard, and it’s surprisingly simple to cultivate. The plant is hardy and adaptable, and it blooms in the spring and fall. It should, however, be harvested before it becomes too hot for the optimum flavour. Mustard fans can set up their own condiment station in their backyard.


Dandelions are an unusual garden plant, yet they are quite nutritious. Salads and soups are delicious with them. They give cookies and pastries a bright yellow colour. 

Although not everyone has a green thumb, anyone can grow a garden. These low-maintenance garden plants make it simple for a novice gardener to get started.

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