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How to disable Precise Location on iPhone

On iPhone has once more created headlines with Precise Location because the current main topic. There was a replacement update recently that turned on this setting in several apps automatically, that currently must be turned off manually.

Moreover, a microorganism post has been creating the rounds on social media which warns that folks will realize one annother’ actual location via apps like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. this is often merely impossible as that’ not however the operational system’ precise location works.

once this setting is turned off, services can solely find your approximate location, instead of the user’ actual coordinates. this may offer folks some peace of mind knowing that apps aren’t pursuit their each movement, even if this info won’t be used for harmful purposes.

Users ought to follow these steps to show of the setting:

make sure that your software package is updated to iOS fourteen or on top of and head to the Settings app. There, scroll down and realize the app you wish to alter this setting for.
faucet on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, for example, then tap on location. Next, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a toggle for “Precise Location,” which may be turned off.
Moreover, you will additionally realize settings for permitting location access which is modified from “Never,” “Ask Next Time Or after I Share,” and “While victimisation the App,” which is able to offer users additional management over after they need to share their location, precise or not.
The on top of steps can be recurrent for all the apps you wish to alter the settings for.

you’ll also fully revoke an app’ location access by choosing “Never” on identical page, but which will not make sure the app’ full practicality as some options need the final location of the user. For example, Pokemon Go needs precise location so it will work as intended.

confine mind that the “Precise Location” settings ought to be toggled on for apps adore Uber and Google Maps as they require your actual location to navigate and performance properly.

With the settings toggled off for such apps, your Apple device are going to be able to track your general location, instead of wherever you specifically are.

For Instagram, however, it’s slightly different. This specific setting doesn’t exist in some countries in Europe and therefore the latest version of iOS may be a necessity for all.

it’s obtainable for America users, though, and might be accessed through identical steps listed above. If you are doing not need Instagram to share your location, you’ll merely close up the situation tag whereas posting on their profile.

Lastly, it might be an honest plan to show on Precise Location for times once you are sharing your location with some other person on apps like Whatsapp or alternative messengers so they receive your correct coordinates the least bit times.

because it is straightforward to alter this setting, you’ll value more highly to toggle it on for after they ought to share precise coordinates and switch it off at other times.

Accurate Positioning: What It Entails

The advanced precise location feature made its debut on iOS as a system-level setting in the distant year of 2020. This innovative capability became available with the iOS 14 update, extending its reach to the iPhone, iPad, and watchOS 7. Not to be outdone, Google followed suit by incorporating a comparable system-wide location setting into Android 12 in 2021, further enhancing the accuracy and accessibility of location services across mobile devices.

In essence, apps previously possessed your precise location. However, the significant change is that Google and Apple are now providing users with the option to decide whether to activate or deactivate this precise location sharing, granting them greater control over the information they wish to share.

Turning Off Precise Location Services on iPhone

Now that you’re acquainted with the precise location feature on your iPhone, you may be interested in deactivating it for specific apps. Fortunately, on the iPhone, there are two distinct methods to access and utilize this privacy tool, allowing you flexibility in managing your location settings.

In the case of applications such as Instagram, Facebook, or any other regularly used app (excluding newly downloaded ones), the process involves navigating to your device’s settings. For each specific application, you’ll need to individually access the settings and deactivate the precise location feature.

Accessing the Location Control Center on your device involves the following steps: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Once there, select the desired app and navigate to its Location settings. Scroll down within the app’s settings and toggle off the Precise Location option. To assist you further, refer to the accompanying screenshot gallery above for illustrative examples.

Alternatively, upon launching an app for the initial time, a pop-up will prompt you to authorize access to location information. Within this pop-up, you can opt for “Allow Once,” “Allow While Using the App,” or “Don’t Allow.” Specifically, when encountering this initial pop-up, tap the “Precise” button located near the middle left of the prompt to deactivate the precise location data feature. This provides users with an immediate and straightforward method to control the level of location information shared with the app.

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