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‘Dog Lover’ Kristen Bell Shares best Comical Snap of Common Issue All Pet Owners Face

Dogs know no boundaries.

Kristen Bell simply shared a series of terribly relatable photos concerning owning a dog.

The actor took to her Instagram page to post 2 humorous snaps of her and one superb boy (a dog) on Sunday afternoon.

kristen Bell

within the photos, Bell is seen sitting on a ship with a beautiful sunset acting as a surreal backdrop. As she tried to fancy the picturesque read on the lake, the dog doesn’t seem to urge the memoranda because it gave Bell the it side-eye to rush along over–but not before it’ seen cozying up to the actor and going her with no personal space; because the pup plops its butt close to her face in a shot to sit down down.

“I love dogs,” the nice Place actress captioned the photo.

it’s unclear if the dog pictured may be a new addition to Bell’ ever-growing fur-baby family or a member of somebody else’ that the actress was traveling with. Her most up-to-date public pet unveiling was back in 2021, once Bell proclaimed via Instagram that she and her husband, Dax Shepard had adopted an lovable legged corgi.

several fans and celebrity friends shared their laughs within the comments.

One fan insinuated that their dog acts identical way, “Did you borrow my dog?!! That’ positively him😂” they joked.
“Ha ha. I will relate. No personal space!! 😂😂😂😂😂,” another commiserated.

Chelsea Handler even chimed in with a comment: “I’m thus into this vacation for you guys.”

Bell and Shepard are presently on vacation with their 2 daughters, Delta (7) and Lincoln (9). The mother of two shared photos weekday afternoon from the getaway.

The family of 4 gave the impression to fancy their visit to Rushmore in Coyote State before they created their over to Michigan for more rubber-necking and a tasty treat from dairy farm Queen!

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