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Jane Cameron Agee: Life of James Brolin’s ex-wife, Bio Graphy Death & Net Worth

James Brolin’s ex-wife and actress Jane Cameron Agee. James Cameron, an American actor, producer, and director, is Jane Cameron’s ex-husband. Actor Josh Brolin’s parents are He and Jane. He is now Barbra Streisand’s husband. Brolin has received one Emmy and two Golden Globe awards. On August 27, 1998, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. James Brolin and Jane Cameron have two kids together.

Do you know Jane Cameron Agee from famous television shows like This Is Your Life (1970), Tattletales (1974), and The Mike Douglas Show (1961)? She was a wildlife activist and an aspiring actress. She was the ex-wife of the famous American actor James Brolin.

You might be interested in finding out how Jane passed away and how she got along with her ex-husband James. All you need to know about Jane and what happened to her family following her untimely death will be covered in this article.

Jane Cameron Agee Life Story and Death 

Full Name – Jane Cameron Agee

Famous as – the Ex-wife of James Brolin

Age at Time of Death – 56

Date of Birth – October 19, 1939

Date of Death – February 13, 1995

Place of Birth – Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Place of Death – Templeton, California, United States

Zodiac sign – Libra

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – White

Children –  Jess Brolin, Josh Brolin

Cause of Death – Car Accident

Born on October 19, 1939, Jane Cameron Agee died at the age of 56 old. She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States. Jane died in a car accident on February 13, 1995, one day after her son Josh’s 27th birthday. Her son Borlin Josh is a famous movie star who has gained worldwide popularity for his portrayal of the Marvel Comics supervillain, Thanos, in The Avengers movie series.

How did the once-in-love couple meet? Janes and James met on the set. Josh, Jess Brolin’s brother, revealed on the October 14, 2008, edition of The Late Show with David Letterman that his parents met while working as assistant casting directors on the television show Batman. Twelve days after they first met, James Borlin wed Jane Cameron Agee, a Twentieth Century Fox employee who was a wildlife activist and aspiring actress. Josh and Jess, the couple’s two children, were born. In 1984, they divorced. Their divorce grounds were never made public. On February 13, 1995, Jane was killed in an automobile accident.

As said earlier, Josh Brolin is one of the most famous actors around, and his mother, Jane Cameron Agee, passed away when he and his younger brother, Jess Brolin was pretty young. Keep reading to find out what he has said about losing this important family member.

Josh Brolin, Jane Cameron Agee’s so

Josh Brolin, Jane Cameron Agee’s son, claimed that his mother’s death had “liberated” him. According to Brolin, he still has a phone message from the day of her death. Radar Online quoted him as saying, “She contacted me and got an erroneous message on my answering machine that read, ‘Hey, hello, what’s up? You’re hard for me to hear. This is who? She then broke out in fits of hysteria. It was the last time I spoke to my mother. She died four hours after that.

California’s Santa Monica is where Josh was born. He had little understanding of his father’s acting profession growing up on a ranch close to Templeton, California. Regrettably, when he was just 16 years old, his parents got divorced.

The actor went on to say that during the following two years, he had an extremely difficult time coping with the loss and felt “lost and just spinning.” He said that his mother’s affection for him was “conditional,” since she was proud of him when he was in jail once for beating people up. He would try to win her support time and time again, and so he stayed in a really bad place.

Jane Cameron Agee’s son, Brolin explained, “Her love for me was hugely, hugely conditional, so it all comes down to that moment and me spending all my days trying to re-create that moment, putting myself in positions of self-destruction. I succumbed to that. And the truth is, although my mom being around was fantastic, after her death, I didn’t have to live up to that anymore. I was liberated. I matured.”

Justification for Jane’s Death – Car Accident

Jane Cameron Agee was born on October 19, 1939, in the lovely seaside city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Nevertheless, Jane’s life was not as lovely. The day after her son Josh turned 27 on February 13, 1995, she was murdered in a vehicle accident. 56 years old at the time. She passed away in San Luis Obispo, California, in the United States.

Josh Brolin is a well-known actor who gained notoriety for playing the Marvel Comics antagonist Thanos in the Avengers movie series.

Sadly, Jane left behind her two young kids. Losing a parent is tragic at any age, but it is especially tragic when it happens so young.

We think that celebrities always have a life of joy and riches like Andrew Tate, but we often forget that everyone loses loved ones and must confront the tragic fact of death.

James Brolin’s Short Relationship Statistics 

Brolin has three children and has been married three times. On the set of Hotel in 1985, Brolin met actress Jan Smithers. Molly Elizabeth was the only child. In 1995, Jan Smithers divorced Brolin. James is married to Barbra Streisand.

Her net worth

Jane Cameron Agee is known for her short-lived marriage with actor James Brolin but she had a successful career in the entertainment industry as well. She worked as a film editor and producer on several television shows, including “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”. Her work in the industry helped her accumulate a net worth of $5 million.

In addition to her production work, Agee was an accomplished artist who created abstract paintings. She even had some of her artwork displayed at galleries in Los Angeles. Her passion for art was evident throughout her life and she continued to create until her untimely death at the age of 48.

Despite her tragic passing, Jane Cameron Agee left behind a legacy that will be remembered by those who knew and loved her. Her contributions to the entertainment industry and dedication to artistic expression helped shape the culture of Hollywood during its golden age. And although she may be gone, her influence will continue to inspire future generations of artists and filmmakers for years to come. 

Cameron s post-divorce life

Cameron’s post-divorce life has been a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Following her split from James Brolin, Cameron focused on raising their children while also pursuing her own career goals. She continued to work in the film industry as a production assistant and later went on to become a successful copywriter.

Despite facing personal setbacks, including battles with alcoholism, Cameron remained resilient and committed to achieving her goals. She eventually found love again with businessman Mark Levinson and the couple tied the knot in 1996. Together, they founded the American Spirit Foundation which aims to promote education and provide support for disadvantaged youth.

Throughout it all, Cameron maintained a positive attitude and continues to inspire others through her work with various charities and organizations. Her net worth may not be as high as some of Hollywood’s elite, but her impact on those around her is immeasurable. 

Jane Cameron Agee s early life and family

Jane Cameron Agee was born on November 28, 1946, in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in a family of six with her parents and three siblings. Her father was a well-known businessman who owned several restaurants around the city. Jane attended high school at Marymount High School in Los Angeles before enrolling at the University of Southern California.

During her time at USC, Jane studied theater and eventually became involved in acting. She made several appearances in TV shows and movies during the 1960s and early 1970s. It was during this time that she met James Brolin, an actor who would later become her husband.

Jane’s family played an important role throughout her life. Her parents were supportive of her career aspirations, while her siblings remained close to her even after she divorced Brolin. Despite their separation and eventual divorce, Brolin spoke highly of Jane as a mother and partner during their marriage. 

Her relationship with James Brolin

Jane Cameron Agee was the first wife of the renowned actor James Brolin. The couple got married in 1966 and had two children together, Josh and Jess Brolin. However, their marriage didn’t last long as they got divorced in 1984 due to irreconcilable differences.

Despite their separation, Jane and James maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their children. In an interview with People magazine, after she died in 1995, James described Jane as a “wonderful woman” who was “greatly missed.” He also talked about how proud she would have been of their sons’ successful acting careers.

Jane Cameron Agee’s life may have been overshadowed by her ex-husband’s fame, but she remains an important part of his personal history. Her legacy lives on through her children and grandchildren, who continue to honor her memory. 

Life of Josh after her Mother’s Death

Josh’s mother, Jane Cameron Agee, passed away while he and his brother, Jess Brolin, were very little, as previously mentioned. Read on to learn what he has to say about losing this important family member.

  • Josh Brolin said his mother’s death “liberated” him. Brolin told Men’s Journal that he still has a phone message from the day she died. Over the next two years, the actor was “lost and just spinning” as he struggled to cope with the loss.
  • Brolin told The Guardian that after his mother died, he changed his heart about his wild lifestyle. He stopped partying excessively and risking himself with his actions. 
  • According to Josh, he was always such a momma’s boy. But he realized he was heading in the wrong direction. He realized he needed to grow and change.
  • For him, his mom’s love was hugely conditional, and it all comes down to that moment; he is trying to re-create that moment, putting himself in positions of self-destruction – that is what he did. 
  • As per Josh, while having his mother around was beautiful after she died, he no longer had to live up to her expectations and felt liberated and mature.
  • Josh Brolin and his mother had both been through difficult times, and he also revealed that he did not have the best childhood.

Even though it must have been a trying period for him, it seems like he was able to take the lessons he learned from his mother to build a better, happier life for himself. In Hollywood, he has achieved fame and is well-recognized for playing many different characters.


In conclusion, Jane Cameron Agee was a talented artist who lived a short but fulfilling life. She was married to the famous actor James Brolin and had two children with him, Josh and Jess. Although her marriage to Brolin ended in divorce, she remained on good terms with him until her untimely death in 1993.

Agee’s legacy continues to live on through her artwork, which is highly sought after by collectors around the world. Her pieces capture the essence of nature and the human form in a way that is both beautiful and thought-provoking. Moreover, her net worth at the time of her death stood at an impressive $5 million.

In summary, Jane Cameron Agee was not just another celebrity spouse; she was an accomplished artist whose work has left a lasting impact on the art world. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, she persevered and made a name for herself as one of the most talented artists of her time.

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