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Instagram Insights And How To Use Them

Your Instagram for Business approach can be enhanced thanks to the engagement metrics provided by Instagram Insights. With Instagram Insights, you won’t have to make a guess as to what will appeal to your audience. As a result, you’ll be able to develop your profile and gain more likes and followers significantly. The entire topic of Instagram Insights and how to use it to enhance your Instagram profile will be covered in this article.

How Does Instagram Insights Work?

Instagram Insights is a built-in analytics tool that offers information on your content such as Instagram Reels and the demographics and actions of your followers. It is simple to compare content, evaluate campaigns, and assess the effectiveness of individual postings using this data. You must have a business account to use Instagram Insights.

Any content posted after you migrate from a personal to a business account will have insights visible to you. Your Insights data will be lost if you switch from your business account to a personal one. There are three places in the Instagram app where you can access insights data.

Instagram Insights: How to Get Started

Make sure to update your professional profile with all the essential information about your business, including contact information and a summary of what it does or offers. By doing this, new visitors to your page will be aware of who you are and how to get in touch with you if they are interested or have any queries.

Visit your professional profile and click “Insights” under your profile picture to view your insights. By doing this, all of your posts, Instagram videos, reels, and other content will instantly open your insights.

Insights Overview

As the name implies, Insights Overview provides you with a general overview of your account’s stats. It’s a fantastic approach to evaluate how well your marketing efforts have performed overall. The date range can be switched, and you can change the information displayed.

The default setting will be “Last 7 Days,” but you can change it by clicking the button and utilizing the calendar that appears. These stats show the overall number of followers, the number of engaged accounts, and the content you’ve shared. Let’s explore these in greater detail.

Accounts reached

The number of different accounts that have at least once viewed your content, including any ads, is provided in this area. This content contains posts, reels, stories, videos, and lives. You may access your Accounts Reached by clicking to learn more about these user interactions. Find the following on this page:

Reached Audience: How many different users have found your content? Demographic data, such as follower status, age, gender, nation, and location, will be provided if you have enough data.

Content Reach: Here, you’ll be able to examine which particular posts are connected with certain audiences. It will be simple to see which postings received the best response.

Accounts engaged

The number of people engaged with your content beyond simply viewing it or scrolling through it is the number of accounts engaged. Let’s examine each section of this page individually.

Engaged Audience: You can see how many users have liked, commented on, saved, shared, or responded to your content in the engaged audience section. Your engaged audience will be segmented by status as a follower, gender, age, country, and city.

Content Interactions: You may see how many times your content has been liked, commented on, saved, shared, or reacted to in the area titled “Content Interactions.” This total is then broken down into posts. Also included are your best-performing posts by category.

Total followers

You may view the whole list of persons who follow you on Instagram Insights’ total follower page. Additionally, you may view following, unfollows, popular areas, age categories, and genders. You’ll find a section for most active times below the breakdown of total followers by demographic.

Most Active Times: Your followers’ most frequent Instagram usage is displayed in the area under “Most Active Times.” You can use this to decide when to post to engage your followers.

Content you’ve shared

The stats for your content are displayed on the following tab. It first compares the number of posts you shared in the most recent week to the previous week. The following three sections provide more thorough metrics:

Feed posts – Your shared images and videos on your feed

The stories – Instagram Stories you’ve posted

Promotions – Your shared paid posts

You should be able to determine which postings were more popular with your audience and which helped you achieve your marketing goals.


You can analyze your content inside Instagram using Insights. Using the data you uncover, you may learn more about your audience, the kinds of content that interest them, and how well your advertisements work. With the help of this useful information, you can choose the type of content to produce for your audience and the best time to publish it.

Meta Title: The best way to use Instagram Insights

Meta Description: Instagram Insights can help you develop your profile. The entire topic of Instagram Insights and how to use it will be covered in this article.

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