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The best camera for YouTube in 2022

Need the best camera for YouTube videos? We’ve selected the best mirrorless cameras, compacts, DSLRs and more.

Finding the most effective camera for YouTube is that the ideal thanks to kick your channel up to following level – or to finally get one started. whereas a smartphone may be ok for shooting YouTube videos, the best camera can offer you plenty of} a lot of choices to enhance the standard of your video output.

It also doesn’t have to be compelled to value the earth. We’ve selected the best YouTube cameras for this shopping for guide, and while there are a number of high-end premium cameras, there also are budget models designed for people who don’t have a lot to pay on their video setup. differing types of YouTubers can have completely different needs, and our team have take a look ated and reviewed an excellent deal of cameras for youtube so as to analyze that is that the best – you’ll check out our however we tend to test page for a lot of on our review process.

We’ve enclosed different types of camera during this guide, from DSLRs and mirrorless models to compacts and action cameras for youtube . We’ve additionally checked out the specs for every one, as well as their most video resolutions and frame rates, and stacked them up against one another once creating our rankings. If video specs are all a touch unaccustomed you, scroll to very cheap of this page to examine our listing section on all things video.

searching for a a lot of generalised camera? We’ve additionally got a guide to the most effective cameras for youtube overall, that are nice for each photos and video. Or, for augmenting your YouTube setup, inspect our guide to the best ring lights on the market now, and for what to try to to along with your footage once it’ shot, look at our guide to best video piece of writing apps for YouTube.

canon camera

01. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

A do-it-all compact camera that can live stream 4K video to YouTube


Best for: Beginner to intermediate

Max video resolution/frame rate: 4K UHD at 30p

AF points: 31

Weight: 304g

Battery life (CIPA): 235 shots


Fast and versatile lens+

Great flip-up touchscreen


10-minute 4K limit –

Middling battery life 

A lot of YouTubers extremely rate the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, and if you employ one for yourself, you’ll perceive why. It’ not the foremost exceptional camera in any class really, however it’ an excellent jack-of-all-trades, doing everything that YouTubers would like it to do, bushed a small body that you just will primarily take anything.

this tiny camera is capable of capturing 4K UHD video at 30p, and whereas there’s a recording cut-off date of ten minutes during this mode, it’ still vastly helpful and appears fantastic. HD video is offered at up to 120fps, allowing you to make slow-motion effects, and this Mark III version of the camera adds in a very 3.5mm mic jack, that makes a true distinction in terms of audio quality.

this can be a compact camera, that means the 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens can not be changed. However, this zoom vary goes to be fine for many YouTube use, and therefore the most aperture of f/1.8 is generous enough to make the G7X Mark III pretty neat in low light.

Another real and for the G7X Mark III as so much as YouTubers are involved is that the truth that it can livestream, broadcasting footage with a clean HDMI out. This adds another string to the camera’ bow, creating it a true one-camera-fits-all as so much as YouTubers are concerned. There are cameras for youtube out there with more advanced video specs, however the bulk of content creators won’t would like them. this can be a perfect selection for the majority of purposes.

It’ one in all the most effective point-and-shoot cameras you’ll buy, that’ for sure.

panasonic camera

02. Panasonic Lumix GH6

The best camera for YouTube at the higher end


Best for: Advanced and professional users

Max video resolution/frame rate: 5.8K at up to 30p

AF points: 315

Weight: 823g

Battery life (CIPA): 380 shots


Unlimited recording times+

Incredibly customizable video
Chunky and heavy –
Battery life could be better

each YouTuber goes to be at a special ability level, with some jactitation rather more advanced video data than others. If you’re somebody who likes to urge below the bonnet of a camera and tinker along with your video footage till it’ exactly perfect, then the Panasonic Lumix GH6 is for you. {this is|this is often|this will be} {one of|one among|one in all|one amongst|one in each of} the most effective client video camera for youtube ever made.

The beating heart of the camera is its new 25MP stacked sensor, that permits a lot of quicker readout speeds, and means it puts more video choices at the user’ disposal. It can shoot mistreatment primarily every conceivable codec a film maker or YouTuber may want, and it can go up to 5.7K resolution at 30fps in Apple ProRes format.

If this doesn’t mean a lot of to you, then the Lumix GH6 is maybe a lot of camera than you need, and you’ll safely opt for a less expensive option. However, for the geeks among us, it’ an completely very good choice. A CFexpress B card slot permits you to insert one in all the quickest and best memory cards to require advantage of the high-quality formats.

sony camera

03. Sony ZV-E10

An excellent mid-range vlogging camera for youtube, with impressive audio


Best for: Beginner to intermediate

Max video resolution/frame rate: 4K video at 30p

AF points: 425

Weight: 343g

Battery life (CIPA): 440 shots

Exceptional video AF+|
Solid built-in mic
Rolling shutter in 4K-
Convoluted Sony menus

Sony had for a moment been pain for a passionate mid-range vlogging camera. whereas the ZV-1 compact was nice, what vloggers and YouTubers were extremely when was a mirrorless camera that might enable them to alter lenses and usually be a lot of flexible. Step forward, the Sony ZV-E10, AN APS-C mirrorless camera completely loaded with video features.

The 4K UHD detail and quality is excellent, whereas Full HD may be stepped up to 120p for slow-motion footage. Also, while shopping for an external electro-acoustic transducer is often better, if you’re operating to a good budget, the integral mics on the ZV-E10 do a totally credible job, thanks partly to the larger grille on high that permits for higher-fidelity sound capture.

It’ not a perfect camera – there’ a marked rolling shutter result that happens once you try and pan in 4K, and as is thus typically the case with Sony, the menus are confusing and headache inducement in use. These are little points however, and therefore the core expertise of the Sony ZV-E10 actually is incredibly solid.

nikon camera.

04. Nikon Z30

Nikon’s new vlogger kid on the block


Best for: Beginner, Intermediate users

Max video resolution/frame rate: 4K 30p

AF points: 209

Weight: 405g

Battery life (CIPA): 330 shots
Uncropped 4K video+
Vlogger-focused ergonomics


Limited lens selection-
Omission of headphone jack

Nikon currently has 3 APS-C cameras in its Z mirrorless range, and the Z30 is that the unabashedly vlogger-focused. It’ got no viewfinder, simply a vari-angle screen, and is capable of shooting uncropped 4K UHD video. Tidy and compact, the Z30 is lightweight enough to hold just about anywhere, and that we love its chunky, sticking grip that creates one-handed shooting a breeze.

The Z cameras are still in comparatively early days, particularly those with smaller APS-C sensors. this implies that there aren’t as several lenses wide on the market to specifically work these camera for youtube – not nearly as many as there are for the Z30′ nearest obvious rival, the Sony ZV-E10, that edges from the long history of Sony E-mount.

Still, this can be a smartly designed camera with heaps going for it, like in-camera stabilisation for video, and an honest integral mic with a wind-noise reduction feature.

sony camera.

05.Sony A6000

The best camera for YouTubers on a tighter budget

Best for: Intermediate and budget users

Max video resolution/frame rate: Full HD at 60p

AF points: 179

Weight: 344g

Battery life (CIPA): 360 shots


Amazing value for money+

Autofocus still great

No 4K-
Menus a bit dated

though this line of Sony camera for youtube has full-grown massively as of late, the initial Sony A6000 still proves to be one in all the foremost fashionable models. Newer YouTubers that are nevertheless to bring enough revenue to get hold of fancy kit can rejoice at the lower value of this camera. however it ought to be noted that there’ a limit of Full HD quality video (no 4K, unfortunately) thus bear that in mind if it’ a deal-breaker. Otherwise, the camera has rock-solid foundations within the form of a large 24MP APS-C sensing element and a capable image processor with a 179-point optical device system.

like {better to|value a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} try the camera for youtube with one in all Sony’ E-mount lenses for increased shooting flexibility and nice image quality. This camera is a reminder that you just don’t invariably would like the newest, flashiest device to provide quality video for YouTube. typically there’s better price in older models.

See our full Sony A6000 review for more details.

canon eos

06. Canon EOS R5

The high-end choice, and one of the best cameras ever made


Best for: Expert users

Max video resolution/frame rate: 8K at 30p

AF points: 5940

Weight: 650g

Battery life (CIPA): 320 shots

Crystal-clear 4K+

Best-in-class autofocus


Maybe more than you need-

Infamous 8K recording limits

If you’ve got budget to spare, and are staring at the high finish of camera tech, then we’d advocate considering the Canon Greek deity R5. It’ a hybrid camera for youtube designed for each stills and video shooters, however its video options are a number of the most effective-in-class. The headline specification is 8K at 30p, that is over you wish for YouTube, but this additionally provides you the choice to crop in and find wonderful 4K footage, or shoot in 4K natively and luxuriate in some of the best-looking video you’ll get. you’ll even dial 4K up to a frame rate of 120fps if you want.

Canon’ twin element CMOS II optical device is one in all the best systems in the business, ANd it works fabulously for video in addition as stills. Video also edges from in-body image stabilisation, creating it a less complicated task to capture swish footage whereas mistreatment the camera hand-held. The burgeoning choice of RF lenses is additionally fantastic, with a number of the sharpest optics around, and if you have already got EF DSLR lenses, then the EF-to-RF adapter enables you to use them on the R5 with full functionality.

It’ not an ideal camera – it gained one thing of a name on unharness for its recording limits in high resolutions thanks to an warming issue. It’ not a disabling issue, simply one thing to bear in mind of; as we tend to created plain in our full review, this can be still {one of|one among|one in a veryll|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost advanced and best cameras you’ll purchase right now, full stop, and it’ one of the most versatile buys that YouTubers can make.

scan our full Canon Greek deity R5 review for a lot of on this unbelievable mirrorless machine.

Go Pro camera

7.GoPro Hero10 Black

The best camera for YouTube adventurers


Best for: Outdoor users, sports, travel vloggers of all ability levels

Max video resolution/frame rate: 5.3K video at 60p

AF points: None (fixed focus)

Weight: 158g

Battery life (CIPA): Not specified (real-world tests indicate about 90-100 mins continuous shooting)


Useful front display +

Class-leading stabilisation 


Relatively expensive –

Small image sensor

Throw it in a lake, drop it off a mountain, or bounce it on on a mountain bike, if you wish extreme sturdiness then GoPro is that the brand for you. If you propose on capturing sports for your YouTube channel, regardless of however extreme, then the tiny and sturdy GoPro Hero ten Black is for you. Livestreaming is changing into ever-popular on the world’ biggest video site, and therefore the Hero 10 Black can do that, too.

This re-creation is updated to vie with rivals just like the DJI Osmo Action by as well as a helpful front screen to create selfie vlogging easier and it’s class-leading HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilisation which might capture smooth, steady footage once being thrown around in extreme conditions.

The Hero10 Black currently captures even a lot of detail due to the 5.3K video resolution (91% over 4K) that it records at an unbelievable 60FPS. There’ additionally a replacement video feature of 4K at 120FPS for people who wish to capture footage for slow motion. Extreme shooters that require a camera for youtube that may maintain with them ought to elect the Hero10 Black if they need swish video and reliable results.

See our full GoPro Hero10 Black review for more details.

black magic

8.Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

The best camera for YouTube pros


Best for: Professionals

Max video resolution/frame rate: 6K at 50p

AF points: Not specified

Weight: 898g

Battery life (CIPA): Not specified (real-world tests indicate approx 45 minutes of 6K shooting)


+Superb 6K footage +

Canon EF lens mount


Battery not great-

No articulating screen 

Blackmagic encompasses a name among filmmakers and camera operators alike as wonderful plug-and-film devices. They turn out cameras capable of capturing terrific footage as handily as possible. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K encompasses a massive Super thirty five sensing element and might shoot 6K Raw footage at 60fps, creating it an excellent possibility for manufacturing high-resolution YouTube videos that stand out from the gang – one thing that’ important on the world’ biggest video sharing platform.

due to the Canon EF mount designed into the BPCC 6K, users can expect to use any variety of the EF line-up of Canon lenses that expands affordability and suppleness once it involves selecting glass. Anyone considering YouTube regular might want to take a position during this camera as a result of not solely will it pack pro-level options into a conveyable body whereas being lighter on the case than most cinema cameras as well. after we reviewed the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, we found this to be a camera for youtube that provides great quality and features for an excellent price.

See our full Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for youtube 6K review for a lot of details.

canon EOS CAmera

09. Canon EOS 90D

A hefty DSLR with classic handling and excellent video specs


Best for: Intermediate to advanced users

Max video resolution/frame rate: 4K video at 30p

AF points: 45 (all cross-type)

Weight: 701g

Battery life (CIPA): 1300 shots


Strong battery life+

Weather sealed


-Only one card slot-

No in-body stabilisation

Canon designed on the Greek deity 70D’ quality amongst YouTubers by manufacturing this latest option, the 90D. Aimed squarely at the video market, it captures elaborate uncropped 4K UHD video and might even shoot flick 120fps once the resolution is born to Full HD. It even captures 32.5MP stills for transmission video content, must you would like it. Canon additionally revamped the I/O by putting in external electro-acoustic transducer and electro-acoustic transducer connections to assist with audio observation and recording.

The Greek deity 90D is chunkier and heavier than alternative camera for youtube on this list as a result of it attracts on its DSLR heritage. however an enormous advantage to it is its weather-sealing, that means you’ll keep shooting although it rains or snows. we tend to found to be satisfying to handle, too, with a large, bright optical viewfinder. At this price, it’s AN absolute steal for video producers who don’t mind one thing slightly bulkier.


10.DJI Action 2

A super small modular camera that offers competition to the GoPro


Best for: Beginners, intermediate users, travelling light

Max video resolution/frame rate: 4K video at 60p

AF points: Not specified

Weight: 116g

Battery life (CIPA): 140 minutes


Unique style and super portable+

Smart modular accessories +

Good app experience


-Not waterproof with modular battery-

Overheats with high-resolution filming

The DJI Action two is an unbelievably compact standard action camera with premium styling. It can’t beat the video quality or quality of its main challenger the GoPro Hero ten Black (see above) however it’ an amazing selection for YouTubers who price vogue and compact portability.

after we reviewed it, we were affected with the blasted metal finish, though it did strike North American country as a lot of vulnerable to dents than the GoPro. however we tend to were most affected with the neat magnetic, standard accessories, which might add further battery life, small Mount Rushmore State card support and a USB-C port counting on that package you go for. you’ll add a selfie screen, a macro lens and more. The draw back is that once modules are added, the device is not any longer waterproof while not additional housing. however the most important limit for YouTubers are its overheating, which suggests you can solely record the very best quality fourK footage for bursts of up to around 4 minutes.

See our full DJI Action two review for a lot of details.

panasonic Lumix

11. Panasonic Lumix S5

A terrific full-frame video camera offering tremendous value for money


Best for: Advanced users

Max video resolution/frame rate: DCI 4K at 30p

AF points: 225

Weight: 445g

Battery life: 440 shots

Pro-spec video options+
Well-built, weather-sealed body


-Some modes incur 30min limit-

Only one UHS-II SD slot

The Panasonic Lumix S series has wowed camera folks and school geeks alike since its arrival a number of years ago, with the Lumix S1H being more to the list of cameras approved by Netflix to be used shooting its content. The Lumix S5, a more moderen model, primarily inherits most of the S1H’ practicality and crams it into a far more affordable body, that makes it a winner in our book.

ready to capture 10-bit administrator and UHD 4K full-frame video at up to 30p with 10-bit 4:2:2 color, the Panasonic Lumix S5 is seriously spectacular for just about any user. the twin gain sensing element delivers impressive dynamic vary at low ISO settings, and therefore the variable frame rate operate that enables you to switch from high frame rates to low ones to dramatically weigh down and speed up your footage.

whereas shooting may be unlimited on the Lumix S5, some modes do incur a 30-minute limit. It lacks a number of of the S1H’ top-of-the-line features, like 6K video, however honestly on YouTube you nearly definitely don’t need them. this can be an excellent YouTuber’ camera, with an upscale full-frame sensing element that produces astonishing detail.

however should to i select the most effective camera for YouTube?

the most effective camera for YouTube for you may rely upon what style of video you’re trying to share on your channel. If you would like smart quality video, then you’ll want the flexibility to record fully HD (1080p). That said, several cameras currently provide 4K, that YouTube now supports (see below).

you furthermore mght desire a camera that may adapt to completely different lighting settings, and check the camera’ video length limit if you’re aiming to record long videos (see below for a lot of on that).

Video isn’t the sole factor to think about. There’ also sound. the most effective cameras for YouTube also provide wonderful audio recording via a integral electro-acoustic transducer with noise-cancelling capabilities – though you will still wish to consider mics counting on the kind of video you’re producing.

you furthermore mght have to be compelled to consider movableness as a result of some cameras may convince be too huge and significant if you’re typically motion-picture photography on the move. In our choice of the best cameras for YouTube, we’ve enclosed some smart compact choices that are convenient for carrying in a very bag.

Do dearer cameras capture higher footage for Youtube?

Not necessarily. Of course, higher finish models typically come back equipped with higher resolutions, better dynamic vary and fewer image noise. however the most effective camera for the duty is that the one that suits your shooting style. A vlogger that likes to edit videos before uploading and needs extremely elaborate stills images of subjects might mean a lean towards dedicated mirrorless cameras.

Do i would like 4K video for YouTube?

whereas you don’t would like 4K to create a video for YouTube, it definitely will no harm. As video resolution and net speeds improve we tend to’re ready to stream higher resolution video, sharing the most effective quality footage with our audiences. 8K video footage is currently oozing through the camera market and 4K is slowly changing into what Full HD was once 4K was introduced not see you later ago.

If you see a camera with ‘just HD’ video capability we now raise ‘why?’ – actually because makers are attempting to make things smaller, lighter, or cheaper. although your conclusion can be bestowed in 1080p, 4K still delivers a better quality downsampled image.

What will video length limit mean?

Video length limits are camera-imposed limits on recording length for video. for example a ten minute video length limits mean that when 10 minutes the camera can stop recording video. {you can|you’ll|you’ll be ready to} begin recording once more after this time, however you won’t be able to record from now on footage. If you wish to stay recording for as long as possible, in one long take, take care to appear for recording length restrictions when buying a replacement camera for YouTube.

What reasonably camera do YouTubers use?

There’ nobody answer here, as all differing types of camera are fashionable on YouTube. Some like compacts admire the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, whereas others like mirrorless cameras or perhaps DSLRs. And of course, some YouTubers get by mistreatment their smartphones. It’ all regarding working out what works best for you.

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