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Simple tricks to get the best selfie in just one click

I have heard many people saying that it’s not that hard to take a good selfie and then the same people click almost 3 to 4 times just to take a selfie in which they look good. Why is it so? Because they also know that it’s not that easy. And as a matter of fact, no one wants to exchange selfies unless they get the perfect one.

And we all know that there was a time when everything was closed and people were not allowed to go outside unless something important have come up. In this situation what should selfie lovers do? I can understand that it could be difficult to take good quarantine selfies. Because what one can do or get new ideas by sitting at home all the time?

Want to know how you can take perfect selfies in just one click? Here are some tricks to get the selfie you want.

Set your angle and your phone a little up

 While taking a selfie you should keep your phone a little higher than your face and choose your right side. When you know from which side you look good you can always click a good selfie. Or you can try tilting your phone a little and keep your phone at a certain distance from your face. It will make your face look slightly slim and short because you know that when you see something closely it looks bigger.

Eyes can make all the difference

Want to take an irresistible selfie? Focus the camera on your eyes and see the magic! If you have already found your perfect angle now you need to freeze your camera and focus on the eye and look straight into the lens of your phone. People notice the eyes first in any picture and if you have focused on your eye and then took a picture I’m sure it’s gonna be great.

Lighting is important

We all know that while taking a picture, lighting matters the most. Just know that the bright white light or direct sunlight would be too harsh and can make your photo weird-looking. But also make sure that you have enough light in which you can take a photo that’s not blurry. Because it would be difficult to edit the photo afterward. 

Smile simple

Don’t fake your smile in front of the camera. Try to smile naturally and you will see all of your pictures will look good. I know it’s not that easy, but for that, you can think of the things that can genuinely make you smile and then take a picture.

These are some of the tips about taking a perfect selfie in just one click. If you follow all of these you can also click a gorgeous selfie in just one click.

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