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Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Tray – A Stylish Solution For Large Bathrooms

Do you want plenty of showering space while the rest of your bathroom space remains dry? As a solution for that, a rectangular shower enclosure with a tray is a premium option that you can consider. You may already know that there are different shower enclosures that exist in the market. Each of them is different and can be installed in different layouts. Some are suitable for small spaces, while others are a great option for larger ones. Rectangular is among the popular choice that is suitable for medium to large bathroom spaces. 

Let’s have an insight into an enclosure. 

What Is a Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

As evident from the name itself, a rectangular shower enclosure with tray has longer sides and shorter end walls, giving them a rectangular shape. Since the tray is an important part of shower enclosure installation, it often comes together, making it part of the overall package. The rectangular enclosure usually comes with a tray to be installed on the floor. It is installed at the level of the rest of the bathroom floor. It is used for draining most of the wastage in the enclosure.

These cubicles for the showering area go with railings or rods fixed with the ceilings or walls. The doors exhibit a variety from contemporary walk-ins through low threshold sliding and stylish folding doors. 

Why There Is a Need for Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Tray

We already have a discussion that there are various shapes of enclosures in the market. The purpose of these shapes is simply to enable you to have a perfect enclosure for all your needs. The rectangular shape is a kind that is suitable for medium to large enclosures. Since it takes considerable space in the bathroom, you can not install it in smaller spaces. While other space-saving designs were a great option for small bathrooms, it was important to have some great picks for large spaces as well. So, here comes the rectangular shape, which is great for a medium to a large bathroom. 

Benefits of Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Why do we need to have a rectangular shower enclosure installed in our bathroom? What comforts does it provide us? Well, after you get to know its various advantages, you will indeed consider having one rectangular shower enclosure for yourself too.

No Wet Floors Anymore

Before getting onto anything else, the one best feature it contains is, it keeps the rest of the bathroom floors dry. Wet floors are considered a major nuisance in a bathroom. The tight silicon or other sealings in the rectangular shower enclosure don’t let any water escape the showering space. Therefore, the rest of the bathroom floor remains dry, which is a major relief.

Hassle-free Cleaning

You can’t fully enjoy yourself after a long tiring day at work in an untidy showering space. Most of the rectangular shower enclosures come with an anti-limescale formula and are pretty easy to clean. Like many other works, you may not have time to focus on cleaning. That is why hassle-free easier cleaning matters a lot. Therefore, if you choose a rectangular shape, you can protect yourself from this hassle.

Easy to Install

Rectangular shower enclosures are easy to install because of their impressive adjustment feature. Because they can install either right-handed or left-handed, you don’t face too many hurdles while installing a rectangular shower enclosure in your bathroom. Installing a tray also does not need much effort as they are designed accordingly and provide relative ease. 


A rectangular shower enclosure provides ample room for your showering space. Also, the free walking space that it creates in your bathroom is more than you could ask for. The elegant design is extra and gives your bathroom an astonishing look.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Many manufacturers and companies provide a variety of options in rectangular shower enclosures with trays. The high competition gives you market competitive rates. However, you should still select good quality glass and that too at an affordable price range.

Moreover, it is better to have your rectangular shower enclosure with a tray installed by a professional. Always check to see if there are any problems in the pipelines of your rectangular shower enclosure and the tray after the installation to make sure there are no leakages.

Planning To Install Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Tray

In this article, we have a discussion about rectangular shower enclosures with a tray. In case you have a medium or large bathroom, then you can choose it. These have various advantages over other types of enclosure. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of fixtures available at lower prices. You can visit our website and check for the latest deals available on our website. Good Day!

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