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Misty Loman now | The story of how she got her life back together

Misty Dawn Loman was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green. She is, however, married to Gary Glass Jr. It’s unknown if the couple is still together. Corey and Jacob, her two sons, appear to be quite supportive of their mother.

Misty Loman’s pictures became viral after Wisconsin sheriff Adam Bieber released a batch of viral mug images. The images included Misty Loman, a meth addict who had been detained for drug usage. The sheriff distributed the images to deter others from using meth. After then, Misty ceased to exist in the public eye. Her story piqued the interest of many, and they are now interested in learning what happened to Misty Loman and where she is right now.

Sheriff Adam failed to note that Misty’s peculiar look was caused by more than simply drug usage when he distributed the pictures. The majority of individuals believed her mugshot’s look was a direct result of her drug usage. After the images went viral, only a small number of people expressed sympathy for her situation. Most people made fun of her appearance and accused her of destroying her own life right away.

Misty Loman Mugshot Progression Is Tragic But Her Story Shows ‘Prayers Work’

Misty Loman’s mugshot progression is indeed tragic, but her story highlights the power of prayers. As a victim of domestic violence, Misty was arrested multiple times for drug possession and other minor offenses. However, with the help of her faith and supportive community, she was able to turn her life around.

Through constant prayer, Misty found the strength and courage to seek help and break free from the abusive relationship. She got clean, landed a job as a hairdresser, and started helping women who were also victims of domestic violence.

Misty’s story serves as an inspiration to many who are struggling with similar issues. It shows that there is always hope for change and that prayers can be powerful tools in overcoming difficult situations.

Misty said she hit the bottom of her life after losing her home, family, and children

Misty Loman’s story is a heartbreaking one. After losing her home, family, and children, she hit rock bottom. Her life had been turned upside down, and she had lost everything that mattered to her.

Despite the immense pain and suffering that Misty experienced, she refused to give up on herself. She found hope in the darkest of places and began rebuilding her life from scratch.

Today, Misty is an inspiration to many who have faced similar hardships. She has shown that no matter how bad things get, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Her journey serves as a reminder that resilience and determination can help us overcome even the toughest of challenges in life.

Misty Loman Mugshots Only Tell Part Of The Story

Misty Loman’s mugshots have been circulating on the internet for quite some time now. And while they might give the impression of a criminal, they only tell part of her story. Misty has had a difficult past, and she’s been trying to turn her life around.

According to reports, Misty suffered from addiction and mental health issues in the past. But she has since sought help and has been working hard to overcome these challenges. She’s taken steps towards rebuilding her life, including enrolling in school and starting a business.

It’s important not to judge someone based solely on their mugshot. People go through tough times in life, but that doesn’t define who they are as a person. Misty Loman is proof that with determination and support, anyone can turn their life around for the better.

Watch: Misty Loman shares her story of redemption

Misty Loman is a living testament to the power of redemption. She shares her story in hopes of inspiring others who may be struggling with addiction or other challenges in their lives. Misty’s journey began when she was just a young girl, growing up in poverty and facing numerous hardships.

As she entered adulthood, Misty found herself battling addiction and often turning to crime to support her habit. But despite hitting rock bottom more than once, Misty never gave up hope that she could turn her life around.

Through hard work and determination, Misty was able to overcome her addiction and rebuild her life from the ground up. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who uses her experiences to help others find their own path to redemption. Her story serves as a reminder that no matter how far down you may fall, there is always hope for a brighter future if you are willing to fight for it.

Misty’s Children

Loman’s struggle with addiction began after she lost three of her children. One of her children died in the womb. One of her twins died in the womb while she was pregnant, and the other died less than a month after birth. Drugs were not a factor in any of the children’s deaths. To cope with the discomfort, Loman turned to medications.

Misty’s Friends

On the other side, once her mugshot went viral, Misty acquired some friends. Her photographs being shared online infuriated a lot of people, and they started to speak out against it. Social media was used by some people to request that others stop sharing Misty Loman’s photo and respect her privacy and the challenges she is going through. Some even went on to describe Misty Loman’s illness, which includes scleroderma, lupus, and bone cancer, to increase awareness of it. Witnessing such occurrences renews trust in people. defending a fellow human being when others laugh at her due of her looks and lack of understanding of her story.

Misty Loman was diagnosed with numerous autoimmune diseases including lupus bone cancer and scleroderma

Misty Loman’s journey with autoimmune diseases has been a challenging one. Lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma are just some of the conditions she has been diagnosed with. These illnesses can take a huge toll not only on the body but also on mental health. Misty’s diagnosis was particularly difficult because autoimmune diseases don’t have a cure and can be very unpredictable.

Living with an autoimmune disease can feel isolating at times, but Misty found support through her family and friends. She learned to manage her symptoms by staying active and focusing on self-care activities like meditation and yoga. Despite the challenges she faced, Misty remained optimistic throughout her journey.

Today, Misty is an advocate for raising awareness about autoimmune diseases and encourages others to seek medical attention if they experience any symptoms. She also emphasizes the importance of self-care practices in managing chronic illnesses like lupus or scleroderma. For those who are newly diagnosed with these conditions, she offers hope that it is possible to live a fulfilling life despite having an autoimmune disease.

After finding solace in God, Misty registered for long-term treatment at the ‘Sisters in Sobriety center and recovered fully

Misty Loman’s life had been spiraling out of control due to her addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, after hitting rock bottom, Misty turned to God for solace and strength. With the support of her newfound faith, she decided to seek long-term treatment at the Sisters in Sobriety center.

During her time at the center, Misty was able to confront the root causes of her addictive behaviors and develop new coping mechanisms. She received personalized counseling and participated in various support groups designed to help those struggling with addiction. Additionally, she was able to connect with other women who shared similar experiences and struggles.

After completing her treatment program at Sisters in Sobriety, Misty emerged as a changed woman. She had fully recovered from her addiction and was equipped with the tools needed to maintain sobriety moving forward. Today, Misty is an advocate for others struggling with addiction and shares her story as a reminder that it’s never too late to turn your life around.


In conclusion, Misty Loman’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks throughout her life, she has never given up on her dreams or lost sight of who she truly is. Through sheer determination and hard work, she has been able to overcome obstacles that would have defeated many others.

Misty’s journey also highlights the importance of having a strong support system in place. Her family and friends were instrumental in helping her through some of the toughest times in her life, providing encouragement and love when she needed it most. Additionally, Misty herself has shown incredible strength and perseverance in refusing to let adversity define her or hold her back from achieving her goals.

Ultimately, Misty Loman’s story serves as an inspiration to us all. It reminds us that no matter what challenges we may face in life, we have the power within ourselves to overcome them with grace and dignity. And by staying true to our values and beliefs, we can achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams. 

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